Move-out cleaning service 3€ per square meter



- Vacuum-clean and wiping of floors

- Wiping of surfaces

- Wiping of mirror and glass surfaces

- Wiping of light switches and door handles

- Wiping of doors and door frames

- Wiping of wardrobe doors and pulls

- Wiping of wardrobe interiors and shelves

- Wiping of kitchen worktops and compartments

- Wiping of kitchen cabinet doors and pulls

- Wiping the inside of kitchen cabinets

- Cleaning the kitchen waste cupboard and waste bins

- Cleaning the hob, cooker hood and oven

- Oven recess cleaning (wall and floor)

- Oven cleaning inside

- Cleaning the refrigerator, freezer (if defrosted) and other appliances

- Wiping the sink and tap

- Vacuuming and wet wiping of the floors of toilets, saunas and bathrooms

- Floor drain cleaning

- Wiping of water furniture (toilet seat, faucet, sink, shower, etc.)

- Wiping the tiles next to the shower wall and shower

- Vacuuming or wiping ventilation valves and their surroundings

- Windows from the inside or completely if ordered separately


Be sure to take advantage of the tax credit for household!


The tax credit for household expenses reduces the amount of tax you have to pay. You can claim the credit if you pay for work to be done in your home, such as cleaning, child care, renovation, or computer installation. You can also claim the credit for work done at a holiday home that you own.


In 2020, the maximum amount of the household tax credit is EUR 2,250. Spouses can receive a tax credit totaling 4,500 euros. The credit threshold is €100, which you have to pay yourself. The household tax credit accounts for 40% of work subject to VAT. Read more: Tax Administration.