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Planning a move? Contact us! Muuttolegendat moves your items flexibly, effortlessly and professionally. We conveniently move studios, small and medium apartments and houses as well as special items. You don’t have to worry about anything, everything is done for you. Our main moving service areas are in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. We also move your things to other regions in Finland.


+358 50 339 4434

Muuttolegendat Oy


+358 50 339 4434

Residencial Moves

Muuttomies palvelee Helsingissä


  • Price based on hours

  • 2 swift movers

  • 20 m3 truck

  • 2 hour minimum billing

  • A half-hour cut off

  • Includes kilometres inside of capitol area (Hel, Espoo & Vantaa)

  • Popular choice

Starting 97€/hour
Muuttofirma Helsinki

Move-out cleaning

  • Flat rate

  • Including equipment and cleansers

  • Read the inclusions from the link below 

79€/h with vat.

Household moves will be charged according to actual hours. A half hour cut off on billing and a minimum billing of two hours. You can conveniently pay the move with a debit or credit card when the move is complete. Also available with Klarna invoice / installment options.

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Book your move via quote form.

Move to elsewhere


Check the estimated price with the Move calculator and send a quote. 

Piano transfer

Check the starting from price from pricing table and contact via email or call directly.


Professional movers on your service

Muuttomiehet itse


We at Muuttolegendat Oy are serving individuals and businesses. In addition to our standard services,we offer  warehousing services in Helsinki and handyman services for small installations, and boxes to rent for your move. We also handle transportation of special items such as pianos. We have liability insurance and legal licensing in place.


If you need a place to store your things temporarily or  for long-term, please contact us. A handyman can help assemble your furniture or install a lamp etc. if needed.


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Let us bear the brunt of your stress and heavy moving boxes. With the legends, the move folds casually, quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to make you smile and enjoy during your move.


Business partners

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